Working Remotely: SCAD tools and essentials

With many employees now working from home, SCAD is providing a number of new tools and resources to help us come together and collaborate more effectively than ever before. Thank you for your continued diligence during this transition.

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Remote Workforce Essentials
Log in directly to these tools and applications.

Web VPN (new)
Secure virtual network connection

Zoom (new)
Video conferencing: Virtual meetings, webinars, chat, and voice calls

Slack (new)
Collaboration hub: workforce communication, instant messaging, file sharing, voice and video calls

Remote access to all SCAD network drives

SCAD webmail

Microsoft Office 365
Cloud-powered suite of Microsoft products

Working Remotely 101
Access resources remotely
Communicate and collaborate
Temporary COVID-19 telecommuting policy
Best practices for managers and employees

Getting Started Tutorials
How to use Zoom
How to use Slack